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Outdoor Skills Field Trip

A 5 hour field trip with shelter building, orienteering, fire building, and survival basics

Our Outdoor Skills Field Trip is a fun day both outside and inside where students incorporate shelter building, fire building, orienteering (or map making for younger participants), and outdoor survival skills using teamwork and problem solving.

This five hour field trip is best suited for 4th-8th grades but we can adapt it to be a great experience for 1st-3rd grade as well as 9th-12th grade.

We can offer this field trip year round but spring, summer, or fall dates will offer the most chances to be outside! We offer this field in the rain, snow, or sunshine. Come prepared and dressed for the elements and we’ll teach you the skills you need for any weather conditions!


If you're ready to come out for an outdoor skills field trip, fill out new reservation request on our online reservation system.